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Why Choose Snowy Desert Bernese?

There are so many breeders out there! A lot of them are great! Some of them, not so much.. You are looking for the best possible dog and the best fit for your family. You probably have a list of traits you want, be they temperament, size, color, or anything else. Most importantly you want to have a dog that will bond with your family and be a great fit in your home. So, that brings the question, why Snowy Desert Bernese? WE HAVE THAT DOG!! We have the dog you are looking for. We produce the HIGHEST quality Bernedoodles and Bernese you will find anywhere else. We LOVE to build a relationship with you and we are there for you every step of the way, from exploring adoption to purchasing and throughout your dogs entire lives. There are a LOT of reasons to choose Snowy Desert Bernese. Below we have gone into details on just a few!



We truly believe in making the best dogs possible. All of our moms are selected from bloodlines that are second to none. Bernese Mountain Dogs are incredible, majestic animals, but they have their share of health problems. Poodles do as well, and so do Bernedoodles. All dogs have their shortcomings and flaws. We know this, and knowing this helps us pick each mom or dad that comes into our program very carefully, so that we can ensure our dogs are as healthy as possible.

We also work very closely with several local veterinarians that help us ensure every action we take is healthy for our mommas and future pups. If we have questions about test results or symptoms a dog or pup may be displaying, we ask! We do a 7 week health check with all of our pups before we send them to your home, and our vets do a fantastic job of looking over each pup and making sure they are healthy and ready to join your family.

A two year health guarantee is included with each puppy. This health guarantee covers all life threatening, genetic issues. We are confident that you will never need to get a refund or return a pup, but if you do we have you covered. We are VERY confident in the health of each puppy that goes into your home!



Temperament in a Bernese or Bernedoodle is crucial to the success of our puppies. Because we know this, we make sure to choose our breeding dogs based on health, but also on their personalities. One of our favorite traits of our Berners is their gentle, loving disposition. We also think that this trait is what makes Bernedoodles one of them most unique and desirable doodle crosses out there. We look to create Bernese Mountain dogs and Bernedoodles with that affectionate, soft, sweet personality that the Bernese are know for.

Our Bernese moms are all sweet and eager to please. They are gentle with our kids and are the biggest cuddlers you will ever find. We match them with a Bernese stud with similar disposition for our full bred pups, and a calm and friendly Poodle for our Bernedoodles. This helps us be consistent in providing you with a calm and sweet addition to your family.

Along with sweet, gentle dogs, we also like to ensure we are providing other desirable traits in our puppies. Things like intelligence, trainability, excellent markings, and more. When you get a puppy from Snowy Desert Bernese, you can rest assured that you are getting a pup that was bred with your lifestyle and your family's needs in mind.

Family run


We are a family owned, small breeder. We are NOT a backyard breeder. Our dogs all live with us and are our pets. We would have them even if we chose not to breed them. Our moms spend their days in our kitchens and home offices and anywhere else our family may be. We LOVE our moms and they are very well taken care of. None of our moms spend their time in a cage alone and none of them are treated in any way that would not be healthy for them.

Our puppies are also raised in our home. Most litters are whelped right in our living room in the middle of our house. We do this because that is where our moms spend most of their time and where they are most comfortable. The puppies stay in their whelping box in our living room for the first several weeks where they get lots of exposure to our family in the form of cuddles, ENS, and noise. We love having pups in our home for our own sake, and we feel it gives you the best possible puppy because they are very well socialized and handled from the very beginning.

The last great thing about the size of our program is you get personal access to our help throughout the process. From the moment you contact us the first time, we are there to help you every step of the way. If you have questions before purchasing we will take the time to answer them in the best way for you, be that a facetime, phone call, text, email, etc. We also will keep in close contact throughout the perios of time between placing your deposit and taking your puppy home. We want you to get to know your puppy before they are 8 weeks old. And after you take the puppy home, we are still a resource for you for life! It is very important that you know that we will ALWAYS take a puppy back if needed. Hopefully that situation does not come up, but if it does, your pup will always have a safe home back with us. More commonly, we can help recommend trainers, vets, tips, and help with anything else you may need. We also love staying updated and getting pictures and thoughts about our dogs.

Snowy Desert Bernese will provide you with an intimate buying experience, and we produce excellent puppies. This means you can get all the perks of a small breeder, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Puppy Program


Each puppy that comes from Snowy Desert Bernese goes through our puppy program. There are so any different programs that breeders put their puppies through, and most of them are amazing. Our program is made up of a lot of elements that we have seen produce the best results.

ENS and ESI:

ENS and ESI begin day 3 for the little pups and it goes for the next 14 days. ENS and ESI are separate excercises, but are done together. ENS(Early Neurological Stimulation) involves exposing the puppies to different feelings and sensations and movements once each day. This helps the pups adapt better to the different stressors from the very beginning, making them more resilient dogs as they grow older. ESI(Early Scent Introduction) is also very simple. All we do is introduce a new scent each day and record the reaction of the puppies. Introducing puppies to lots of new scents early helps their brain learn to identify and react to different scents, helping this function grow stronger as they grow.


The socialization of puppies is critical for their development and behavior. We do a lot of different things to help socialize our puppies. One was mentioned above. They are raised in our home. From their first few days of life they are handled and cuddled by kids and adults of all ages. We love on them and play with them from day one to week 8 when they go home with you. They are very well socialized with humans because of this. We also safely introduce them to our other adult dogs once they are old enough, helping them learn manners and how to interact with other dogs. We also take the puppies for some one on one time to public places. Doing this is tricky because they are not fully vaccinated when they leave us, but we are extremely careful to ensure no diseases are picked up along the way.

Crate Familiarization:

Crate training is a key to success for you when you take your puppies home. We will always recommend that you crate train your puppies. Crates are integrated into our puppies lives very early on. We start by just putting open crates in their play area, and eventually we close a few in at a time, and work to be able to spend alone time in the crates as well. This helps you get a small jump start on your crate training once you get them home.

Potty Training:

We use alfalfa pellets in a specific spot starting when pups are four weeks old. As we open up their environment slightly, we introduce a very specific place to potty. By the time your pup comes home, they will have spent several weeks only going potty in the designated area. We will send some pellets home with you so you can set up an area in the yard where you want them to potty. This will get you started with full potty training on the right foot!

These are just some of the larger things that are a part of our puppy program, and the overall goal is to combine our great genetics with a great program and that combines to provide you with excellent puppies!

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