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Our Breeds

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are big and beautiful. Our mommas generally are around 100 pounds and have the most gorgeous coats. We pride ourselves in producing Berners with deep, rust colored tan points and symmetrical markings from head to toe. We are suckers for the big, blocky built Bernese Mountain Dogs, and that is what we strive to create for you as well.

Along with being majestic dogs to look at, Bernese are the ultimate companion, and you won't find a better family dog! Berners are big, but so gentle. They love to please and are happiest when they feel like a member of the family. Their gentle disposition and loving personality makes them a great choice for a home with kids of any age. We have raised babies, toddlers, teenagers, and everywhere in between with Berners as members of the family, and we can't imagine a better dog to raise alongside our family.

Our Bernese lay in our kitchen while we cook, cuddle our kids on couches and in beds, and lay at our feet in our home office's while we work. They double as jungle gyms for our babies, and teddy bears for kids of all ages. Can you tell we love our Bernese?? This is why we breed them! We love these beautiful dogs and we know you will too!

One of our favorite traits of the Berner is their drive to please. NOTHING makes them happier than seeing you happy, and there is just something so pure and sweet about that. If Berners were people they would be that lady in your neighborhood that is always going over the top to make sure everyone is taken care of and everyone she knows has their needs met. They have a keen sense for the emotions and feelings of their human companions. They are the perfect best friend, and if they could talk we are not sure we would even have any people friends! We kid, kind of, but seriously, Bernese Mountain Dogs are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.

Because they have such an intense drive to please, they are easy to train. They are easily motivated by praise and treats. They are also very smart, so they learn what you want them to do quickly. These two traits combine to make them one of the most obedient dogs you can find. Your Bernese pups will learn very quickly how to make you happy and they will do those things for the rest of their lives!

Now, is it all sunshine and roses with these beautiful dogs?? Yeah, pretty much! But there are some things you need to know when considering if a Berner is the right fit for your family.


One, they shed a lot a couple of times per year. We spend a lot of time vacuuming those couple times a year! But, besides a couple weeks twice a year, they don't shed much. If you have dog allergies, these also are not the pups for you. If black hair on your pristine, white couch or carpet is a no go for you, you won't want a Berner. Check out our Bernedoodle section if the shedding is a deal breaker!


Second, they want to be your best friend. Ever had a clingy girlfriend that wants to be by you constantly and you can never seem to get away from? Their spirit animal is the Bernese Mountain Dog. These pups LOVE to be loved. As long as you love on them appropriately, they feel content to just hang out in your presence. You won't even notice they are there(besides them taking up half the floor). We love to love on our dogs, so for us this is the ideal personality, but we get that this is not for everyone. If you are busy being a strong, independent woman that ain't got time for no man(or dog), then you better pick another breed!

The other thing you should be aware of is the health of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Berners have a short list of medical issues that are not uncommon. Those include cancer and joint problems mostly, but please rest assured that when we pick our breeding dogs we make sure to pick the healthiest dogs from the healthiest lines possible! This does not exempt our pups from those health problems completely, but it does help significantly. Berners also have fairly short life spans, 6-8 years on average. This is pretty common for large breeds, and is not necessarily a problem as they generally are healthy throughout their life, but it is something to be aware of when choosing a Bernese.

The last bit of info that we think is important to know is the activity level of the Bernese Mountain Dog. They have a medium activity level. This means they may want to go on a walk, but not a long one. And they may want to go on a hike with you, but only because they like you. Fetch is not really their thing either in our experience. We are pretty medium active people, so medium active dogs are perfect for us! Also keep in mind they love to please, so if you like your daily walk, let them know that it makes you happy to have them along and they will be overjoyed to accompany you! Looking for a bit more energy? Keep reading, we are getting there!



Do you love the Bernese but can't accommodate the size? Or are you allergic? Enter, the Bernedoodle. Bernedoodles are our favorite type of doodle, and sure, we are a little biased, but hear us out. There are TONS of doodle crosses out there. We think that the Bernedoodle cross is one of the best because the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle compliment each other SO well.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a lot of amazing traits. They are wired to please, they are intelligent and easy to train, they are incredibly loyal, they are big, they are friendly, they are patient and gentle with kids, we could go on and on. They also shed. And, sometimes they can be a bit lazy. Our Berners will watch us throw a ball across the yard and then look at us like "Are you getting that? Because I am not."

Poodles also have a lot of great traits. They are smart(almost too smart sometimes) and easy to train. They are active. They have beautiful, soft, curly coats. These coats don't shed or bug people with allergies to dogs. They are also pretty friendly and loyal.

There is some cross over in traits, but what we have seen is they come together to create a dog with a great middle ground. You may have heard people say that doodle crosses give you "the best of both worlds" and we believe that is mostly true. You have to account for the outliers that only get the anxiety of the poodle or things like that, but we have seen that Bernedoodles have very few outliers in that way. The high energy mixed with the calm of the Bernese is absolutely ideal for doodle cross. And if you are considering health problems, Poodles and Berners have some similar concerns, so as long as you ensure the pup comes from healthy and well structured dogs on both sides(WE DO!) then you are helping mitigate that risk as well.


Our Bernedoodles tend to be very intelligent and easy to train, but also willing to work. That drive to please, combined with a little bit more drive to do something period, makes Bernedoodles GREAT therapy and companion dogs. Bernese are some of the best companion dogs out there, and when you give them a bit more drive, and a bit less shedding, they become even more versatile and fit even more needs. 

Negatives of the Bernedoodle you may ask next? Honestly, we aren't really sure! For us personally, we like less energy than Bernedoodles generally have, but they are by no means high energy dogs. We are just lazy! If your family is active at all or you have a decent sized yard, the energy of the Bernedoodle will not be a problem for you at all. In fact, the energy level of most Bernedoodles is about perfect for most people. If you are not into exercise at all, the Bernedoodle will be too high energy for you. And if you want to run a half marathon every day, the Bernedoodle is probably a bit too low energy for you. If you fall anywhere in the middle of that exercise spectrum, a Bernedoodle is probably perfect for you!

As for health risks, Bernedoodles have similar risks as the Bernese. Poodles also introduce some joint issues sometimes, but again, as long as your breeder is committed to healthy dogs, this will be much less of a concern. And definitely no more of a concern as if you were getting a Bernese or a Poodle. The cross by itself does NOT introduce more health risk.

Next question. Why a Bernedoodle instead of a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle or Sheepadoodle or Aussiedoodle or any of the other endless possibilities of doodles? Temperament. Anyone who has spent time with multiple types of doodles will tell you the same thing. Unless they are breeding other doodles obviously because we are all bias to our breed. And we breed Bernedoodles, so take that as you will! But in all seriousness, the temperament of the Bernedoodle compared to all of those other doodles is unique. There isn't really much arguing with that. All of those breeds above are taking a high energy dog and mixing it with another high energy dog. Which will give you a high energy dog, that math checks out I am pretty sure!

Most other doodle crosses are simply making a low shedding version of the breed they started with. No shame in that for sure, but that is not what we are going for with the Bernedoodle. We want to make a BETTER dog with the Bernedoodle. The low shedding is a great trait for sure, but we want to be improving when we cross. We do that by adding the drive and the activity level. We take our favorite dog in the entire world and we add some drive. Trust us, a dog that's strongest desire is to please and has the drive to follow through, is a dog that you want in your life.

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