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The Moms


AKC/CKC Bernese Mountain Dog - 105 pounds

Lyla is a recently retired mom. She has beautiful markings and comes from a bloodline with International Champions. She is a very affectionate dog and gentle with our kids. She's loyal and has always followed us around the house since she was a pup. She loves to play and has a very sweet personality. Lyla is also an incredible mom, which is one of our favorite parts about her!

AKC - WS61365011
CKC - BH-05239839


DM- Negative

vWD1- Negative



AKC Bernese Mountain Dog - 90 pounds

Millie's bloodline comes from International Champions from the Ukraine. She has a very quiet, gentle personality. She loves to nurture and play with our litters of puppies. She is very attentive and affectional with all our dogs. She is patient and loving with our kids and family. She's obedient but takes her own sweet time. 

AKC - WS68563506


DM- Negative

vWD1- Negative



AKC Bernese Mountain Dog - 100 pounds

Rett and Millie come from the same litter and love to interact and play with each other. Rett is always trying to get someone to love on her and enjoys any attention she can get. She has a very caring personality, which shows when she takes the time to check on our kids when she thinks something is wrong. She is curious and explores everywhere we go. 

AKC - WS68563505


DM- Carrier

vWD1- Negative



AKC Bernese Mountain Dog - 70 pounds

Murphy is Lyla's niece, so she has similar bloodlines and beautiful markings.  She is our most affectionate dog. She prefers to be in our laps with her head on our shoulder. She constantly encourages the other dogs to play with her.. especially 'grandma Teddy'. She is obedient and learns quickly. She is a bit smaller than most of our other moms and has a more athletic build.

AKC - WS72352002


DM- Carrier

vWD1- Negative


The Dads


AKC Mini Poodle - 18 Pounds

Boomer is the best of the best! He is everything you could ask for in a mini poodle. He is eager to please and learns quickly. His markings are incredible with tons of white, and he produces the most beautiful F1 Bernedoodles with markings that are very "Bernese-like". Getting a Boomer pup is better than winning the lottery!

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 3.29.48 PM.png


AKC Mini Poodle - 14 Pounds

Nashville is an AMAZING stud, his coloring and genetics are perfect for Bernedoodles.  Nashville is friendly and outgoing and loves to be held. He has been cleared for DM, NEwS, Prcd and VWD1, as well as every other breed related disease. Clear for CDPA and IVDD/CDDY. He is fully furnished (F/F), non shedding (n/n) and carries two Curl genes (C/C).

Owner: Utah Goldendoodles

Instagram: @utahgoldendoodles

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